Barriers and Bollards

We provide a range oftraffic control bollards and rising arm barriers to suit a variety ofapplications. The speed of these systems make them particularlysuitable for entrances where an automated gate would be too slow. Access control equipment can be provided to suit: radio controls,card readers, loop detectors etc.

Swing Gates

We offer two types ofswing gate:

For the domestic userand entrances that are not usually busy during the day a swing gateoperated by electro-mechanical equipment is usually the mostsuitable.

For busier entrancesand prestige gates hydraulic gate operators are a better choice. These systems are fully serviceable and, if properly maintained offermany years of reliable service.

There are two operatingsystems both of which will work with either type of gate:

Post mounted operators– fixed to the gate post with a sturdy cross member on the gate.

Underground operators –fitted below ground level.

Sliding Gates

These gates areparticularly useful where the space required to operate the swinggate is not available. Sliding gates also provide other advantages. In particular they leave the full driveway usable for parkingvehicles; operate on an upward sloping driveway where swing gateswould not open inward and higher security as they offer betterresistance against being forced.

We offer a range ofsliding gate motors from single user domestic gates of 300 kilos tocontinual use industrial 'sliders' weighing up to 4 tonnes.


You can look at photos of our custom gate designs here.

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